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And now for something completely different! Livejournal has produced an Autopost toy which looks at your previous posts and 'creates' a new one for you by combining sentences.

There are some amusing and almost meaningful parts in this:

In London today for a meal with friends, we visited Simurgh an Iranian restaurant near Covent Garden. I've never eaten this style of food before and found it very tasty. For a starter I had a minty yoghurt with cucumber and garlic, which you eat with lavash a flat bread rather like a crepe. My main course was a Duck and Walnut stew scattered with jewel-like pomegranate seeds, served with three varieties of rice and a simple green salad.

There was some lovely decoration around, including a gorgeous section of tiles behind the bar. It's quite a small town at about 5,000 inhabitants, but it has a campus which is the other side of the path will be carpeted with them, with a couple of things but getting them home and considering the budget for the rest of the afternoon exploring the museum, looking at the stones, but only one couple from England, and we were the only Cornish visitors.

The stones are a lot smaller than I'd imagined, they come up to about waist height on me, and I'm only 5ft 4ins. There is a recreation of the iconic Sutton Hoo helmet which I think is the item which makes the find so dramatic - that feeling of looking into the eyes of someone from the past. And a reproduction of the burial chamber as it might have looked when it was laid out - games, cooking pots, textiles, clothes (he took size 7 shoes). The decorative metalwork was gorgeous, and they had a timelessness which could have come from any age.

The reason why we decided to go there, is fj_warren had decided to use a picture of a sparrowhawk. The actual body of the bird and the shading on the wings looks very good, but I feel the legs and talons don't quite match. The Jacobean Flower is interesting since although the pattern is recognisably Jacobean, it also appears to be a good selling point for a future issue. They're also something that experienced stitchers enjoy doing, since they often involve miniature pieces.

I liked the coloured hardanger accessories. I do like white hardanger, but I also saw another variation on this theme at the Nature in Art Museum near Gloucester. Although I don't think he kept strictly to wildlife painting, those pictures of his that I have available (the post listing them will appear later), and the messageboard I was using for my site doesn't send me a notice when it's updated, while Livejournal emails me notification of comments.

Since I have this feeling that 2007 is going to be handy with all the driving. Tomtom the Satnav got me to Belfast successfully, and the Stoneburners met me there and we had a lovely view of the sky.

The actual progress of the earth across the moon was very distinct, and with the naked eye did seem to me that the ones where I am staying but had been built on a larger scale for a bigger family. Where I'm staying is built of pine (which is a red-hued wood here) and has many interesting craft shops, and was one of the main sights of the city: Kramarczuk's for some ukranian sausage, Downtown to view the architecture, the Sculpture Garden and then we went to several unfamiliar venues. I have another holiday coming up in a couple of things but getting them home and considering the budget for the rest of the walls were lovely to look at, especially with a mixture of sun and shadow highlighting them. As we were walking up the lane we also passed over some culverts for little streams which were roofed over with stones that were the same size as the standing stones. I've no idea who the pilot was, but the whole display was beautifully smooth, and a real privilege to be able to keep New Stitches going through the cross stitch doldrums.

Link to issue 162
One of the types of flowers for growing in the area, all attractively laid out. Then headed up to the gardens of the agricultural part of the process. We finished off the flower with stem stitch and a few lazy-daisy stitches.

The stem stitch is a good site for information about any of the squares would make great cards for any occasion. Even macho enough for a bloke!

The Stitcher's bookshelf had a piece on a book called 'The Tudor Tailor' and there's a lot of the story themes well.

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