Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Only a month to Christmas

Do you like historical novels? Do you like Cornwall? Do you like tall, dark and handsome heroes? (Yes, heroes, there are two of them!)

Or if that's not your fancy, perhaps you know someone who it would appeal to. In which case, can I recommend The Trevu Trilogy by fj_warren. (The three books that make up the trilogy are 'Broken Bonds', 'Familiar Strangers' and 'Hidden Revelations'.) Available through Amazon and other online booksellers.

At the moment Tesco gives the best price, and free delivery if you spend over £20 on books. WH Smith doesn't do any discount but will deliver to a store near you, which is handy if you're never in when the postman comes round. Amazon sometimes does discount and sometimes doesn't, but it does have the first two books in stock so there's no delay.

If you want something a little lighter, then Archelaus Hosken's Dilemma is a slim volume which will entertain anyone who likes a light-hearted romance.

So that's your Christmas presents sorted!
Tags: trevu trilogy

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