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Once a month I check the Kiva website, and add to my selection of loans. Originally when I started I added 100 dollars to my account each month, but I no longer need to do that since my first loans are all repaid so I have enough capital in my account to fund each new month. One of the reasons this is such a great use of money - it gets recycled!

I usually try to spread my loans among different countries, but this month I've concentrated on Tajikistan. It's a country I knew hardly anything about, but just this week, I read this From Our Own Correspondent account of the terrible winter they're having. I know the loans I'm contributing to will be of little help in the current situation, but perhaps they may be a small step towards a better future for the people involved.

When I first looked at the list of loans to be funded, this mobile phone salesman from Lebanon came up and I was amazed at the range of countries the lenders came from. The Internet really gives Kiva a worldwide presence.

Also, on a lighter note, who cannot love a frog the size of a slightly squashed beach-ball.
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