Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Random historical facts

I went up to London on Thursday evening and attended a lecture at the British Museum comparing the archaeological discoveries of Tutankhamun and the First Emperor. (Lecturers were Jessica Rawson and John Taylor.) It was interesting if a bit amateur in its presentation; not really worth travelling up from Winchester for, but fine if I had been in London. Each lecturer gave a short talk describing their particular area of expertise, and then there was a discussion and question which produced most of the intriguing facts.

- By performing the funeral rites for Tutankhamun, his successor Ay legitimised his claim to the throne since it took a Pharoah to bury a Pharoah.

- The terracotta warriors were some of the earliest forms of human statuary in China, and the idea of human statues may have come on the trade routes from Persia.

- Pharoah's tombs were opened and their mummies and funeral goods moved by the priests to Deir-el-Bahri. There's a theory that Tutankhamun and Akhnaten weren't moved since they still represented the 'tainted' monotheistic religion.

- The dead in China were thought to still exist in the world of the living, so emperors of new dynasties would open previous tombs to diminish the power of the former emperors.

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