Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

The Consumer Society

As I get older I try not to accumulate too many things, which is tricky since our family are hoarders, of the "it might come in handy someday" variety. So I went to see "Wall-E" yesterday, already convinced of the main theme of the film - do not trash the planet, but I was still delighted by the ingenious way they told the story. You would not think a parable about consumerism combined with a love story between two robots could be so charming. The robots have hardly any dialogue and one of them is an almost featureless egg shape, but the whole audience, including young children, were engrossed in the story.

However, I have lapsed in my attempt at a simpler lifestyle since I've bought a washing machine. The way my kitchen is laid out meant I couldn't have a front-loader since I didn't have space for one, so I took sheets and towels to the laundrette and handwashed the rest. But, I visited a friend recently who has a small flat, and she had a Hoover Nextra Top Loader which is only 40cms wide. I checked that I had the space and got the plumber to call to make sure it could be attached to my pipes, where I encountered a slight hitch since it couldn't be attached to my current waste pipe, and would involve drilling a hole through the wall of my first-floor flat. But, all was not lost, since it's possible to run the waste water into the sink, so I had a strategem. I bought the washing machine and it was plumbed in yesterday, and I tried my first wash last night. It has a 44min fast wash which I think I'll be able to use for nearly all my washing since everything came out clean and well rinsed. The most exciting thing was the spinning since my kitchen is on a wooden floor, and even with the vinyl there was a lot of vibration. I may try placing the machine on a rug to muffle it a bit, but it's definitely convenient that my downstairs neighbour is not about at the moment!
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