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My sister has published a novel! It's historical fiction set in late 18th Century Cornwall. She's using the pseudonym F.J. Warren and the title is Broken Bonds - the first in the Trevu Trilogy. Details can be found here.

As well as being able to buy it at that site, you should be able to order it at a bookshop or ask for it at a library (take a note of all the book details, including the ISBN number). It's up at Amazon, Amazon UK, and Tesco which currently has the cheapest price. It's also available through the following sites: Barnes and Noble, W H Smiths & PLAY.com (Free Delivery for single items), and the easiest way to find it is by searching on the ISBN number 1846852080. It will take a couple of weeks to come through since it's using print on demand publishing, described below.

Description of book:

It's good! And I'm not just saying that because she's my sister :-) I used to read a lot of books, particularly historical fiction, and although I don't have so much time for reading now, I was still eager to read each chapter as she produced it.

Historical novels can get into a bit of a rut with stories of strong women who rise from poverty, and eventually end up with the right man. So it's refreshing to have two male protagonists living in different social classes. There is romance in the book, but as well as the women in their lives, the relationships to family and community are also explored. The historical background is well drawn, and the language is formal enough to fit the period without being too stilted. Although it is about serious themes, there is a welcome thread of humour provided by several characters - Lady Wrothford is a hoot whenever she appears. So if you'd like a good involving read, buy this book!

(And she has written the next two in the trilogy, so they will be appearing in the future, but she needs to revise, edit and proofread them.)

Print on Demand publishing:

Originally my sister looked at the traditional route of using a literary agent, and did get some interest from one she submitted the text to, but they warned that it would have to be pruned. Her first draft was over 180,000 words long! While she was looking into ways of shortening it, she also came across the relatively new area of POD publishing. This uses digital printing to produce one book on request, rather than have to do several hundred in a print run. The author has to pay a setup fee, and can end up paying a lot more depending on what other kinds of services they sign up for. My sister did the formatting of the book herself, and had a multi-talented friend who was able to design the cover, and do a proofread for her. So she's been able to keep her costs to a minimum. The firm she has gone with is Diggory Press and so far they have provided great service and advice. The quality of the printed book is also impressive, and is actually better than most mass produced paperbacks.

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