Jane B (knally) wrote,
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New Stitches Issue 158

Link to Issue 158

The cover has another knitting 'teaser' on it, which turns out to be an example of Kelim canvaswork. As it's being used to create a bag, this is actually a better choice than knitting since the rigid canvas will retain its form during use.
Although I am a Pisces, I found the Tropical Fish picture a bit too bright for my taste. But it was interesting to see the coral and how the multi-coloured thread samples from the last issue were used in the final picture. The Bluebell Walk was more to my taste, although it did remind my I hadn't gone to see the bluebells this year. There's a wood a few miles away which is full of bluebells, and where the path dips down at one place so you walk waist-high through blue.
The picture of the Diplodocus reminded me of The Loch Ness Monster Song since the commentary in the 100 Poems on the Underground book points out that a nine-year-old spotted the monster was looking for a diploducus. (This is mentioned in one of the comments at that link.)

I loved the Savannah Squares, gorgeous combination of colours and background material, you can see a small sample of the material colour Vintage Darker 3009 here. Having the squares slightly offset due to their sizes adds to the rustic effect, and, of course, any of the squares would make great cards for any occasion. Even macho enough for a bloke!

The Stitcher's bookshelf had a piece on a book called 'The Tudor Tailor' and there's a website to back it up. It looks like the ideal thing if you're into historically accurate costumes, either for recreating or research.

Let's all pause for a moment of nostalgia at the Retro Flower. Even though the design is inspired by 1950's Goldsmiths ( I assume this is Constance Howard's work at Goldsmiths College) it immediately says sixties and seventies to me. And I haven't managed to start wearing the clothes again, so I think the embroidery will get a pass from me. More to my taste were the flower cards in either blackwork, hardanger or plain cross stitch - even if I don't stitch them, the different interpretations of a flower are quite intriguing.
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