Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Quaker Week

It's the second annual Quaker Week this week, and we had a stall yesterday at St Maurice's Covert in the main street of Winchester. I was part of the organising committee, but since I was away the two weekends before, I have to say the organising went a little off course just before the event, and many phone calls and last-minute checks took place.

We'd borrowed some display panels to catch people's attention, and I ended up creating the display from the supplied materials on Wednesday. Not the most successful of ventures since I don't really have a great eye for design, but at least we managed to find all the relevent posters on the day (that looked a bit dubious at one point!)

On the day we had assorted cakes and jams for sale, also notelets with photos of the Meeting House and Quaker Tapestry goods. With every purchase the customer was presented with an information pack including a free (FREE!) notelet, and we distributed almost a hundred of these.

Quakers in the UK aren't evangelical, which is one reason the numbers are falling, but the Quaker Week came about because there was a realisation that people hadn't even heard of the Quakers, so it was thought a good idea to get some information out there. If anyone is interested enough to come along to a meeting that's a bonus!
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