Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

New Sitches Issues 159

Link to issue 159

A very nice bell pull of wild roses is the first design in the magazine, with part 2 next issue. The Master Class is about Decorative Edgings which is worth remembering since finishing off a piece can always be a bit tricky. This mostly deals with variations on buttonhole stitches, and previously I've used a four sided stitch which I believe is just a very large buttonhole stitch!

Next up is a Strawberry Band Sampler, looking very Elizabethan/Jacobean. I think this is due to the strawberries which are quite an old motif in samplers. There's some drawn threadwork in this, and a good use of variegated thread from Weeks Dye Works in shade 4135 'Foliage'.

In the Cross Stitch Gallery part of the magazine, my eye was particularly caught by the Ancient Art motifs, which don't seem to tie in with any particular culture but could be Aboriginal or African.

There is a new fabric from Zweigart, a 28 count Cashel linen with an antique hem stitch edge incorporated into the fabric, so you only have the ends to edge. The pattern they've chosen for this is a dainty spray of blue flowers, which would be very quick to stitch, once you'd actually managed to find the starting position on the fabric. There's a little bit of judging by eye for this, which could be a challenge for people like me who prefer specific directions!
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