Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

A cold New Year

It's definitely a bit parky at the moment, with the nights going down to -2 or -3 centrigrade and the days not doing much better, but I still managed to have a good New Year with my brother. Yesterday evening we had one of my slow cooked beef stews, and some wine, but managed to stay awake until 11:30. Then we wrapped up (two jumpers and a coat for my brother, two coats and a fleece for me!) and walked down to the cathedral, where we heard the clock strike twelve, and then a peal of bells. There were also a lot of fireworks, and we tried to take pictures of those and the cathedral but without much luck - either too much light or not enough!

I woke up at nine this morning, and my brother was already up. Eventually we sorted ourselves out with the same amount of clothing and walked into town, along the water meadows and up St Catherines Hill. There was a very strange running club outing taking place on the hill, which seemed to be a variation of 'hare and hounds' where the runners had been told to dress in red. Several men and women had donned skirts or evening dresses, although the costume winner was probably the gentleman in the tasteful down-trimmed red satin negligee!

On the way back we had a bonanza of birds, with my favourite Little Grebes, Long Tailed Tits, Wrens, and a very tame Goldcrest, which was a species I'd never seen before. In the afternoon we watched the Dvd of "House of the Flying Daggers" and decided all Chinese films seem to have sad endings, then finished off the wine with a very filling meal. So just sitting digesting now.

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