Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Peter's Tower revisited

I spent the weekend in Peter's Tower, Lympstone - a Landmark Trust property that I stayed in last April. It's a great place for one person, although I think it probably seems crowded even with 2! Apart from being compact, it's other advantages are that it's one of the cheaper Landmarks, and it's only 2 minutes walk from Lympstone statiion - or 5 by the time you've gone down a couple of wrong turnings.

The weather was surprisingly mild after the cold snap we've been having. It was mostly sunny, and I walked along the coast to Exmouth on Saturday where they were eating ice creams on the sea front.

There was a storm on Saturday night and I was able to confirm what I had read in the logbook - the tower does move in the wind. (Meep!)
I spent most of the time bird-watching, since you can do that just by looking out the kitchen window. I must remember to bring my binoculars or telescope next time. Still, I was able to identify herons, little egrets, oystercatchers, grey plovers, curlews, a redshank and assorted gulls. I hope to sort out some photos to add here later.
Tags: landmark trust

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