Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Latest on my sister's novel

Well, my sister's book seems to be doing Very Well. We won't know the numbers until after the first quarter, and I don't think we're talking thousands here, so JKR Rowling doesn't have to worry about her sales. But the publishers appear very happy with the progress, since they've added it back to their front page - which usually just has the 'about to be published' books. The link goes to a page for the trilogy which has a couple of complimentary quotes from the publisher.

A less biased reaction on how well it is going is the entry for it on Amazon UK. Apart from the unsolicited review (which caused much phoning amongst the family as we tried to work out who knew him!) Amazon has now put up a book description which is doesn't automatically do for POD books. It's also now keeping a few in stock, which I noticed it was doing about 3-4 weeks after it first appeared. It seems to be buying in 3 copies, and then after a few days it goes out of stock and then gets in a few more again. This is very exciting since the initial word of mouth has gone out to friends and family, so this suggests that they're beginning to recommend it to their friends as well.

In other news fj_warren now has a Livejournal, which I believe she's going to update with progress on the books.
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