Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

A different evening and morning

I went out for a birthday meal yesterday with sister and b-i-l. We went to an Indian restaurant which is just at the end of my road, but which I haven't been to before: Rimjhim. It does excellent food with a twist, for example I had Rabbit Tikka as a starter which must be unique. I had a duck curry for the main course - a little hotter than I would usually choose, but very tasty. My sister had the excellent chicken tandoori, and her husband a yummy chicken dish, which I sampled the sauce from and which I may have another time. Also they had a very good dessert menu, which is not common in Indian restaurants. (I had a mint mousse, for those keeping track!) The decoration made the restaurant seem very bright and friendly - white walls and abstract paintings in shades reminiscent of India. There were some empty tables when we arrived but it filled up and the staff were kept running - literally in a couple of cases, there were some waiters who broke into a gallop as they got close to the kitchen. My b-i-l suggested they had heavy kitchen doors, and a run-up was necessary to make any impact :-) It was a very pleasant meal and I'd go again, but more for special occasions than an everyday occurrence.

And now for something completely different. This morning we had an unexpected visitor at the Meeting House. Sitting on the lawn about ten feet away from the front door was a swan. It was full grown and completely unfazed by people coming and going! The RSPCA were called, and with help from a couple of the house residents it was captured, and taken down to the river in a kind of canvas hammock with the inspector keeping hold of the neck. At the end of meeting the warden was able to inform us that due to the agility it displayed in attempting to be caught, it was assumed that it was in good health, and had just gone astray. (There's a better description of the incident on the warden's blog.
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