Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Embroidery class

Yesterday I went to one of the Embroidery Now classes that run in Winchester during the summer. This one was on tassel-making which also incorporates other techniques, like cord-making. The teacher was Helen McCook who has had a varied career in the textile world, and the class itself was interesting and fun, and we all managed to come close to completing our tassels. Helen mentioned that at the RSN they often named their tassels on completion, so I'm calling mine:

Perhaps it's not quite so obvious now, but this did look like one of the Beatles for a long time! The tassel is assembled on a wooden mould (think of something like a wooden light switch pull) and you can form skirts of various materials which are tied round the bottom in layers. The head of the mould is wrapped in gimp with UHU as the base - a slightly tricky, not to mention sticky process! The trickiest thing was actually forming the cord, which involves a chair leg, a strange machine like a pencil sharpener, and preferably the assistance of a willing volunteer. Although it was a little difficult, trying to stop the threads tangling until you needed them to tangle, the resulting cords were great to look at and quite robust. I've bought a wooden mould to have another attempt, and if I can repeat the process at home it will be a great way of using up all those novely threads that you end up buying without knowing what to do with them!
Tags: stitching

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