Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Bank Holiday on the Allotment

Well, I didn't spend all my time on the allotment, but I did manage to get down there two or three times each day, which is about twice more than I've managed most weekends recently!

I planted more lettuce, also peas, beans, and sweet peas. I weeded all the frames that have something growing in them already, and also the free-standing raspberries and blackcurrant bush. Also weeded my small flower patch, and transplanted some nasturtiums to there, which I'll use for salad later in the year. Earthed up the potatoes, including the ones in the tubs, and netted the summer purple sprouting broccoli. Most important of all, I STRIMMED, and the allotment is looking at its neatest for a long time.

There are still things to do, but only one big task which is digging over a patch of ground to plant a butternut squash. There's rain forecast for tonight which will hopefully soften up the earth, so I can dig one evening this week.
Tags: allotments

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