Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

The whole tooth

I realised I hadn't updated in a while, so just in case you were wondering what happened to my tooth saga, all is okay at the moment. The last dose of antibiotics seemed to clear everything up. I do have an appointment to have a tooth out in July and that will hopefully stop any reoccurrences (the dentist believed the problem was caused by pressure.)

The new job is going on fine, although at the moment it mostly consists of finishing off a few things from the old job!

Other Sister came up for a long weekend, and we went to Mottisfont Abbey to see the roses in the National Trust Rose Collection - supposed to be one of the best years ever there, and we saw and sniffed a lot of roses! Then the next day we took the ferry to the Isle of Wight and visited Osborne House, which is in a lovely situation looking down to the Solent. My favourite objects in the house are the Indian portraits by Rudolf Swoboda which are so lifelike even though they're over a century old. They were exhibited at the National Gallery a few years ago, and I keep meaning to buy the accompanying book.

On June 21st (Summer Solstice) we headed off to see our niece in Exeter on the A303 past Stonehenge. When I checked out the news first thing in the morning there were crowds of thirty to forty thousand people there, and there was frantic checking of websites to find alternate routes. But they were all there at 4:58 and by the time we went past around ten it was all clear, and reasonably tidy considering the number of people that must have been around.

On Monday night I went bowling; there are a group of 4 or 5 of us who used to be a league team who meet up every few months and commiserate at our total inability to hit anything any more. There were only 3 of us this time, but still a pleasant outing. Tuesday my usual circle dancing, Wednesday Yoga, and Thursday I start to catch up with things again :-)

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