Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

15 minutes of fame

Actually it's going to be an hour of moderate renown, since in September I'll be taking part in One & Other the live artwork devised by Antony Gormley to occupy the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Gormley is best known for his Angel of the North statue, but I first got to know his work through his statue Sound II which is in the crypt of Winchester Cathedral. Also, since I've been in Winchester, there's been a wonderful exhibit of his Domain Field which was quite otherworldly against the backdrop of the medieval castle hall. I applied back in February when I saw the story on the BBC.

At the time I signed up mostly as a gesture of support for the idea, although I decided at the time that IF (at the time I thought it was a very big IF!) I did get picked, and it didn't clash with anything else, that I would do it.

Luckily I've got a very quiet slot, since I'm planning something very boring :-)
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