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New Stitches Issue 160 and other stitching things

Link to issue 160

The first big design in this issue is a picture of a sparrowhawk. The actual body of the bird and the shading on the wings looks very good, but I feel the legs and talons don't quite match. The Jacobean Flower is interesting since although the pattern is recognisably Jacobean, it also appears to be in the Sixties style. I can't decide if this is just fashions coming round again, or an updating of the original stitches.

The Masterclass this month is continuing the theme of Decorative Edgings, but have taken the buttonhole stitch and incorporated it into a very attractive band sampler. I thought at first that they were using Marlitt or another rayon thread for stitching, since there seems to be a lustre to some of the stitches, but I think it's because some of the threads used are variegated Caron Wildflowers. I really like this piece, and since I want to do a band sampler some day, will add this to the list of possibles.

The berry cushion looks slightly Scandinavian to me, this may be because I have a Danish bell pull that I bought in an Antiques fair that's in a similar style. (It also reminds me I need to weed the autumn raspberries on the allotment.)

On the Stitcher's Bookshelf there's a book on 18th Century Embroidery Techniques by Gail Marsh, which is something I'd like to browse, but not really own. Wonder if I can convince the library to get it?

Among the advertisements, my eye was drawn to one for Willow Fabrics with a Sambucca fabric and a lovely leaf pattern, but I can't find the pattern on their site. Oh well, at least it saves me money!

I've also just updated my web site with the latest section of the New Stitches index, which covers issues 156-160.

And Weathergirl has updated her blog with pictures of an afghan she has completed. Clicking on the thumbnails in her post will give larger versions of the pictures. A lovely piece of craftmanship, and as I said in the comments, cross stitching on that material must have been a real challenge.
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