Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

And still it snows!

I went home from work last Tuesday lunchtime and worked from home all that week and Monday. Managed to get into work yesterday (Yay! Conversation!) but it's snowed again overnight and so I'm back to working at home.

This is definitely rare weather for me. In Cornwall where I grew up, a flake of snow was an event, living in Hampshire a day of snow where it doesn't melt overnight is an event. Now there's been a whole week where it snowed several times and it hasn't melted away. It's very surreal looking out of the window and there's STILL snow; I keep checking to make sure it hasn't melted! I have managed a couple of mincing walks out to get supplies and one into town. Amazingly the Farmers Market did run on Sunday, smaller than usual, but I think those who did turn up did quite well, because people were buying to congratulate them on making it into town! There was also a good turnout at Quaker Meeting, with several of the more elderly members braving the elements. With the number of walking boots, parkas and hi-tech walking sticks it looked like the base camp for an attempt at Mount Everest :-)

My pipes haven't frozen, but I have some buckets of water prepared in case they do, and the underfloor heating I had fitted in the new kitchen has been wonderful. It really keeps that room snug, and it only take about 0.7 kw of electricity an hour. I've plenty of food in the freezer so as long as my services stay connected I'm fine, but the weather can change back to normal any time it wants now!

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