Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Birthday presents

It was my birthday yesterday, and my brother and sisters, and their partners came to the place I'm staying in Cornwall for Sunday Lunch. Apart from buying me some wonderful presents, including a gift from everyone of some lovely turned wood (a bowl in sycamore and a platter in oak) they also produced some items for the day.

Cake - dressed Cake - dressed. This was one of fj_warren's specials, which she hasn't done for ages. It's a beautiful jewel-like creation, that looks like a presentation box of chocolates.
Cake - naked Cake - naked. And here's what it looks like under the decoration. A Tunis cake with cherries and walnuts on chocolate. And very yummy it is too!
My other sister did this amazing flower arrangement. Tulips are my favourite flowers but they tend to droop when cut. So she cleverly created this design with the tulips already drooping :-) I could not get a picture to do justice to how lovely this looked.
Tulip arrangement

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