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Cornwall ramble

Yesterday my brother and I went down to The Lizard peninsula. The weather was sunny and very mild for the time of year, I was able to be in just a long-sleeved t-shirt for some of the day. I'd planned to go to Kynance Cove which I remember my father mentioning from his youth. My brother also suggested Cadgwith, and Kennack Sands.

Path to Cadgwith Path to Cadgwith
To get to Cadgwith, there's a Park and Walk. There is a small car park on the edge of the village, and then you walk down a path through the fields towards the sea.
Boats at Cadgwith Boats at Cadgwith
On the beach there were some fishing boats drawn up. They have a Falmouth identifier, but there were people working on them here. The pub in the village Cadgwith Cove Inn looked good. We just had a soft drink in there to keep us going, but we were tempted by the lunch menu which looked and smelt very tasty.
Cadgwith Cadgwith
We walked up the cliffs by the side of the village, and you get this lovely view back. The sea was very clear, and looked inviting, and very mediterranean, but would be absolutely perishing at this time of year! Along the path were violets, just a few at first and then long stretches of them. Flowers have been a bit late this year, but these seemed to be doing fine in a warm sheltered spot.
Adder Adder
Continuing along the cliff walk, my brother said, "This is the time of year you see adders coming out to sun themselves." I said, "Surely it's a bit early". But five minutes later what did we see?
See - an adder
Yep, an adder! Only about 18 inches long so quite young probably, and horrified at having its bask disturbed so it almost fell off the hedge where it was lying, trying to get away from us.
See - an adder
We drove around to Kennack Sands where the car park was closed, but since there were so few people about we were able to park by the beach. We had a very old-fashioned lunch, eating the remains of the Sunday Roast in sandwiches while looking out at the sea. The only thing we didn't have to complete the picture was a thermos flask :-) After lunch we walked along the beach and went to see the cliffs at the far end which have some fascinating bands of rock, including serpentine. Serpentine stone is only found a few places in the world, and The Lizard is one of them. It's formed after the igneous rocks from volcanic eruptions, so would appear after granite which is, of course, what Cornwall is made of. It comes in lovely shades of green and red and black. I picked up a few pebbles and thought I might varnish them or keep them in oil to try and show off their lustre, which you can usually only see when they're wet.
Kynance Kynance
We finished up the day at Kynance Cove, where the tide was almost in so we had a bit of a scramble to look around. We walked up the cliffs opposite and saw a raven, which I've never seen in the wild before (only at the Tower of London). So today was more of a nature ramble than a sightseeing exhibition!

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