Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

The Final Trip

Waterfall The last bulletin from my spring holiday. I've had very good weather this week, with sunshine the first few days, and yesterday was cloudy but dry. Today it was back to the typical weather for my Cornish visits - rain. So I went to the rainforest.

Of course, the only place to find the rainforest in Cornwall is at the Eden Project, which I've been meaning to visit since it opened, and now I've finally got there. My first impression was surprise at how big it was. Some of the car parks are so far away that there's a bus to take you to the main centre. And once you arrive there it's a very large professional setup. It really gives the impression of an international attraction, not just a local or even national site. Eden Biomes
Outside the biomes there are many planted sections, although not much showing at the moment. There was an interesting allotment section, and a beautiful set of patterns in crocuses which had been planted to commemorate the Girl Guide anniversary. But with the rain beginning to spot, I headed for the Link which joins the two biomes. I went to the Mediterranean Biome to start with, and the first thing I saw were all these people on ropes. I couldn't work out if they were practising, maintaining the fabric of the dome, or doing some extreme gardening.
Extreme Gardening? Mediterranean Biome
The dome is quite a mild temperature, and there were vents open to the outside today, although I guess they would be closed in the winter. The plants in here were not just from the Mediterranean, but also South Africa and California, which have similar climates. Lots of familiar food plants like the citrus famly, grapes and olive trees. The best flower displays I've seen this week were in here, with daffodils, and lots of varieties of tulips.
Daffodils Tulips and Daffodils
Bridge But the real highlight of the Project is the Rainforest Biome. It's described as the largest glasshouse in the world, and the path leading through the plants, twists and turns so it seems even larger while you're in there. It was very humid but not too hot today, although it must be sweltering in the summer. There are moments in the greenery when you forget you're inside, although there is the human touch around you. There's also an inside waterfall, and the picture at the top is the lower part. This was an excellent time of year to see everything since it's not too busy, although I think I'd like to come back here (and Heligan) in the autumn, but not the summer :-)


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