Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Alltomenting at last

I hoped to get on the allotment over Easter, but the rain stopped me - even in the periods between the rain, it was too wet for digging. But I finally managed to get down there this evening, and had quite a successful hour.

I planted up two tubs with potatoes, and dug over a patch of earth where I had potatoes last year, which was still quite clear. Then I shifted some black landscape fabric that was covering the adjoining piece of earth, and was very pleased to see most of the weeds were gone. Also surprised since the weeds were still happily growing away there in January. I did a quick dig over, and there aren't too many weed roots left, so I'm going to do two ridges at the weekend and plant up the rest of my potatoes.

I was glad to achieve something since I've barely managed to get down the allotment this year, and I usually rely on clearing a lot of weeds over winter to get it ready for the spring. But I was talking to another allotment holder and she said she'd had the same problem, the weather's either been too wet or too cold to do anything.
Tags: allotments

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