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Landmark Trust Log Books

When I go away to Landmark Trust properties, I usually mention the log book. This is a large green book where guests can record any highlights of their holiday and useful information for anyone that comes after. They rarely restrict themselves to the mundane restaurant review, and can have pictures, maps of walks, clues to objects (like thimbles) that have been left behind for others to find, and running jokes. The ones in Hawker cottage covered all human life from a baby's first steps to a Golden Wedding anniversary. I never feel alone at a Landmark since the log book is there to keep me company, and to amuse me as this selection shows:

WARNING TO ALL CHILDREN WHOSE PARENTS LIKE TO WALK PLACES! Don't walk to Sandymouth from Duckpool ... it is further than you think! (H Age 13)

WARNING: wilst walking from Hawkers 1 to Hawkers 2 at night there are so many slugs it's amazing! (S Age 9 1/2)

I recomend surf beaches because the waves pull you and I had a wave sweep over my head !!! ... and nearly drowned. (L Age 9 1/2)

We were begging our mummy and daddy to go on the swing! Mummy did it! and jumped into the water and got soaked. We laughed at her and she laughed too. (A H Age 9)

The walks in the woods were wonderful, but best of all was the rope swing. M H (Age 63 3/4)

Sloshy wellies all around! Brilliant! (K Age 10)

Look out for the wood over the front door, you get splinters! Then your Dad sticks a pin in your hand!

A man went to the doctor and said, "I feel like a marquee and a wig-wam."
The doctor replied, "You're two tents."

No internet, no XBox, no TV, no mobile signal. I hated it. (B 12 yrs old)

B fitted into the airing cupboard very nicely and soon became quiet. (B's mum)

P.S. The book mentions two cars can be parked in the drive if the second double parks the first. True, but the second car can't then open their doors. We threw the odd bun through the window to my sister.
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