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Swarkestone Pavilion

Swarkestone Pavillion I've finally got round to uploading the photos from a Landmark Trust visit a couple of weekends ago. This is Swarkestone Pavilion near Derby which is a remnant associated with the former Swarkestone Hall. This building was built in the 1630s, and there's a walled enclosure in front of it, which may have been a bowling green. Hard to believe now since it has several dips and bumps, and an invasion of molehills! If it looks slightly familiar it may be because, before it was renovated by the Trust, the ruined building was used a backdrop to the Rolling Stones' album Beggar's Banquet

There's a small hallway downstairs and then a lovely wooden stairs leading up to the main living room, and then up again to the roof, where you have to go outside to get to the bathroom. The outside loo means you think twice about having a late night cup of cocoa. An early entry in the log-book from when the woodwork was still very new relates that the bathroom door stuck and the visitor ended up yelling out the window to the local farmer to be rescued. The logbook also warns about Boris the incredibly large spider, who didn't appear during my stay, and gives the times for the Cuttle Shuttle. The Cuttle is the green outside, and the Shuttle appears to happen after drinking several bottles of wine, after which the guests strip naked apart from a pair of wellingtons and run round all four sides of the Cuttle. You'll be glad to know I was too sensible, but also too unwell to try this! Stairs
Bathroom I didn't do much at the weekend since unfortunately I had a stinking cold! But it turned out to be a great place to just be sick. Since I didn't have to do anything I could just go to bed in the afternoon, with a box of hankies, a Lemsip and a good book. The bed was quite high, so I could look out the window and see the trees and the sky - mostly cloudy with occasional sunbursts. The Landmark Trust properties are a nice combination of homely and the exotic, so you can be comfortable while enjoying the great surroundings.
Living Room Bed

Something that the Landmark Trust really do well is in the "finishing" of their buildings, taking time over such things as curtains and ornaments. Here in the pavilion someone carefully designed and picked out items that reflected the cupolas on the towers. In this picture I've combined the stair-posts, the bed's headboard and the pot from the main staircase window, so you can see how they all pick up the shape of the cupola. Comparison

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