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WAFA Show 2011 in Boston

Long view So I've just got back from Boston, and the World Association of Flower Arrangers show was great. There was a huge hall filled with demonstrations of floral art - this wide shot gives some idea of the scale, and that's just one corner. There were 30 sections with about 20 exhibits in each section, we looked at each exhibit, and they were all of an incredibly high standard. They came from all the continents, and we found that some countries had a wonderful tradition of flower arranging which we'd never suspected - like Pakistan, which hosted the last show. The originality of many designs was astonishing, which emerged even in the imposed classes where the contestants were all provided with the same sets of materials and then had to interpret the theme of the class. But in the more free form classes there were brilliant ideas and impressive craftmanship. The show was swarming with people on Thursday, the first day, but quieter on the Saturday. As you might expect the crowd was mostly women, but there were some men scattered around, as the picture shows. Including a couple of blokes who looked like they were part of a motorbike gang - floral arrangers come in all varieties!
Miniature This little gem was in a miniature category, and couldn't be more than 5 inches in any direction. The title of the class was Candy, and this is just edible!
In the other extreme of size this was a large exhibit in the style of 'table arrangement' which was in the class 'Paintings'. It didn't win one of the top 3 prizes, but had one of the Awards for Most Innovative Design. The construction of this was fascinating to other flower arrangers and there was usually a crowd around the table working out how it had been made. It was difficult to get this picture with no-one around. Roses
Mineral Water And this was another favourite with the crowd. It was in the monochromatic class "Minerals" and had the clever title "Mineral Water". This is one of the designs why you see it's now described as floral art and not floral arrangements, since even the shadow adds to the impact of this composition.

There were just so many wonderful displays that I haven't been able to include them all, but here is a gallery of a selection of them. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture. The next World show is in Dublin in 2014, and we've signed up for the mailing list!

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