Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Library founder

I happened to be passing past Winchester Library (now the Discovery Centre) recently, which is a lovely building which used to be the Corn Exchange. I wondered if that was why there was no mention of John Passmore Edwards on the walls. Every library I went to in my youth (Camborne, Redruth - where I had a Saturday job, and Truro) all had the title of Passmore Edwards Free Library.

I looked him up when I came home and discovered he was a West Country worthy, which is why so many Cornish libraries bear his name. He was born the son of a carpenter in Blackwater, between Redruth and Truro. He went on to become a journalist and MP, and a practical and generous philanthropist.

He died 100 years ago this year, so this update is a small commemoration of his centenary, and a thank you to someone who was so important to my early life, and getting me where I am today!

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