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New Stitches Issues 161, 162 and 163.

Just catching up with my notes on the New Stitches magazines, so pass along there. (These are mostly for me, to remind myself of things I may want to stitch.)

Link to issue 161

An interesting design of an Egyptian Cat Statue stitched all in shades of grey and subtle greens. The shading on the muscles is superb.
Next, the fluffy cushions created on a butterfly loom caught my eye, particularly since I'm rather fond of cushions, but I spent a long time puzzling out how they were done, until I realised only one side is done at a time.
In the smaller designs, the seaside windmills and stylised grapes could both be useful.
I like the design with all the cockerel varieties, although I wouldn't do all of them, but an individual rooster could be useful.
Another cushion, this time using one of my favourite techniques which is cross stitch and blackwork done in white which gives the impression of lace. Ths time on a cornflower blue background.
I keep thinking I'll have to do a tablecloth or perhaps a table runner, since there are some lovely materials around. This time from Zweigart is a fabric called Diana with a lattice pattern inset with diamonds which can be stitched on.

P.S. I noticed that there was an advert for a new magazine 'Knit Today' which is also published by Creative Crafts. It's a good idea on their part to jump on the knitting bandwagon, but I do wonder if they will be able to keep New Stitches going through the cross stitch doldrums.

Link to issue 162

One of the types of flowers that my Other Sister likes are auriculas, and there's a lovely pair in pots in this issue. The flower head is not too big and complicated, and the leaves and pots - although shaded - do have large stretches of similar colours so would probably stitch quite quickly.

The Master Class was an Introduction to Cutwork. I'm not sure if I would attempt this but I was amused that the instructions for the cutting included "Put on some calming music" since I remember from my first attempt at Hardanger, how nerve-wracking it is to cut something you've stitched on.

I liked the Chinesse Circles with the contrast between the strong shade and the faded version, which gives an almost variegated effect.

There's a simple stumpwork design of a pear, and I was looking at it thinking, "I don't think I'd like to try stumpwork without someome showing me what to do" and then I see that the designer also runs courses ... hmmm.

Something quite unique next, a cushion using motifs of animals from the Bayeux Tapestry. They're done in strips across the cushion to retain the feel of the original embroidery.

Link to issue 163

There wasn't a lot which appealed to me in this issue, one of those occasions when the designs or the techniques were not among my favourites. The section on Christmas Designs had some patterns which I might use for cards.

And there were a couple of designs which I liked the look of, even though I probably wouldn't stitch them:
1) The hardanger panel uses one of the Caron Wildflowers variegated threads (Rose Blush) to very good effect.
2) The Hungarian Sampler is a lovely combination of black and red on white. But since the magazine came out I've been to the Ally Pally show and bought a great red and white on black design from Traveller's Tales

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