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My journey to work consists of a bus ride, followed by a short walk through a churchyard. This can be a little off-putting in dark winter evenings as you wander past the gravestones, but compensates for this by being attractive in the daytime. This morning as I walked in, I spotted the first Snowdrops of the year. They're not flowering yet, but they're about 3-4 inches high and have white buds, so they'll be out soon. From previous years I know that nearly all the graves either side of the path will be carpeted with them, with a couple of places showing the contrast of yellow Winter Aconites.

Yesterday in Quaker meeting I realised that the first meeting I went to was the first Sunday in January 1997, so I've been going for 10 years. I did hope I might be struck by something profound to say in meeting, but unsurprisingly nothing came to me :-) I was first prompted to go along to a meeting by a viewing of the Quaker Tapestry which was in Winchester Cathedral in February 1996. (Yes, it did take me 10 months to decide to go to meeting, I'm not into hasty decisions!) There was a notice in a recent New Stitches magazine that 39 out of the 77 panels will be on display in Worcester Cathedral from February 1st to March 10th. Since this is a lot easier to get to than its home location of Kendal, I think I will go and have another viewing one Saturday.

I went to see it on Saturday 24th February, and the visit is described here.
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